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Experience powerful cloud hosted voice services with VivoComms Call

We provide easy-to-use phone systems that will keep your business up and running, this includes:

  • Office desk phone, mobile or laptop 

  • Easy set up with a licence for each user

  • Innovative features to make running your business easier

Vivo Comms

Work wherever you need to

Boost your business calls with a super flexible cloud phone system that can be used in the office, working from home or on the go.

  • Ideal for mobile workforces or multi-site companies

  • Receive calls on any device; desk phone, PC or mobile

  • Easy-to-use app that manages your call experience

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Keep costs down 

VivoComms Call eliminates the overheads of a physical phone system and helps your business save money. 

  • No maintenance charges – simply pay a monthly licence fee for each user 

  • Service upgrades come at no additional cost 

  • Calls between users and site to site calls are free 

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Effortless set up

We’ll provide the VivoComms technology, including hardware and software to make it easy for you. 

  • No on-site equipment, everything happens in the cloud

  • The administrator oversees site level features, so you don’t need to be a technology expert

  • Users can manage their own features in the app

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We work with trusted service providers

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VivoComms Call is a virtual phone system that’s hosted in the cloud. Connect from a handset, softphone, your PC or laptop, or an app on your mobile. Unlike a traditional phone system, you won’t need on-site equipment. So there is no hardware to house, manage or maintain.

To get on board with VivoComms Call, you will need:

  • Connectivity 
  • Handsets – We work with selected vendors, whose handsets have been extensively tested and approved for use on our service. We have a range of desk and DECT phones we can recommend. You can always access the service from your PC, laptop or mobile, if you don’t wish to use a desk phone
  • Licences – Each user requires a licence, with the feature set they need
  • We remotely configure the service so all you need to do is plug in phones (or download the appropriate software) to be up and running

We build a bespoke quotation for each customers' specific needs, however there are the following costs to consider: 

Monthly fees

  • Licences  - charged per user, per month. You can flex licence numbers up or down, for example if you have more users at busier times of the year
  • Call charges – Either call by call or we have a range of minute bundles for higher volume customers
  • Add ons if needed – Voice recording, call analytics, etc. 

One time charges

  • Configuration of each user
  • Number ports
  • Handsets as required
  • On-site installation if required

* There are no charges for support and maintenance. Service upgrades are included in the monthly licence charge. 

Voice over Internet Protocol, as the name suggests, is an industry standard to carry a voice call over the internet. Traditionally, calls have been made over copper (PSTN or ISDN) phone lines. VoIP calls are carried over a broadband or higher speed connection, across the internet.

VoIP calling and a cloud voice service allows you to make and receive calls wherever you are.

It's true that in the very early days of cloud phone systems, call quality could vary. However, with the advent of reliable high speed connections, call quality is at least as good, if not better, than a conventional phone connection.

Not necessarily, if your existing connection has sufficient capacity to support the number of users you have. If you do need another connection, we can advise on the most appropriate and cost effective approach.

If you choose us for your internet connection we: 

  • Ensure everything works together, and you’ll only have one supplier to work with 
  • Ensure calls are prioritised over your other internet traffic so call quality is always good, with no drops or interruptions

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For most businesses reliable connectivity is crucial. Make the most of cloud hosted services and experience seamless connectivity for your staff, customers and partners.

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We’ve made it easy for every team member to voice and share their ideas, with the help of our innovative collaboration tools.

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