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The UK Network Switch-off: An ideal time to switch to cloud telephone systems?

So, we’ve made you aware of the upcoming changes to the UK’s network infrastructure, how businesses might be affected, and steps you might need to take to get ahead of the change. But, is now the right time to switch to a cloud telephone system? Join us as we unpack this in our blog…

Not just another task on the “to-do” list

We’d recommend that you firstly do a check on how this change could impact your businesses day to day work and schedule. Rather than wait for the deadline to approach, switching now to a cloud telephone system could help improve how you work and likely cut costs as well.

How moving to the cloud can cut your costs (and make life simpler!)

It’s true, switching to a cloud telephone system is easy, cost effective and essential with the switch-off date getting closer. Here’s some ways it can help…

  1. Control hardware costs - Cloud communications systems remove the requirement for conventional telephony hardware, and also does away with the need for on-premise servers, and the infrastructure costs that go along with it.
  1. Control software costs - When comparing cloud telephone systems, check what’s included as standard, or for a small additional cost. By opting for a solution offering features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, call recording and voice encryption, you’ll save not only on additional software costs, but also the time and effort needed to learn how to use additional tools, and to switch between them. 
  1. Control calling charges - Call management keeps you in control of your bills, with the ability to bar calls to numbers that are costly and unnecessary to the business. 
  1. Control maintenance costs - As with all hardware, the risk of failure increases as legacy systems start to age. It’s estimated that hardware components need replacements and upgrades every 5-8 years on average. This in turn increases maintenance costs – both the regular, planned servicing and updating, as well as the unexpected breakdowns and failures that can have such an impact on business continuity.
  1. Control office costs - Cloud communication solutions deliver the freedom to adapt to changing business conditions, and cloud telephone systems are optimised for the realities of hybrid working (office, home and everything in between), so you can right-size your office space and support your remote workers without compromising on communication efficiency.
  1. Control staffing costs - With cloud communication systems, you’re not restricted to recruiting staff who are able to commute to the office. Spread your recruiting net to all parts of the county and beyond, tapping into specialist skills and additional resources wherever they may be.
  1. Control utilities costs - With no commercial cap in place for businesses, out-of-contract gas rates have increased by an average of 180%, and out-of-contract electricity rates by an average of 130%, since August 2021. With no on-premise PBX systems, servers or desk phones requiring power, energy usage is reduced.
  1. Control Capex expenditure - With predictable, monthly licensing, capex expenditure is protected. Opex pricing models can also offer no cost of entry, and a lower cost of ownership overall.
  1. Control travel costs - Sometimes, there’s no substitute for face to face, in person meetings. And for the rest of the time? Video conferencing and screen sharing helps you avoid costly travel expenses while still ensuring all participants feel included and engaged. 
  2. Control seasonal costs - Look for a flexible, 30-day rolling cloud telephone systems contract which will let you tailor your solution according to seasonal demand or unexpected changes in requirements, without being tied into long term, unnecessary commitments.

Better comms, less cost!

If you’d like to chat over how I can improve your comms AND help you cut your spend, drop me a note at and let's arrange a call!

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