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How an omnichannel customer service cloud contact center will improve your customers experience

Are you seeing a shift in the way your customers and staff communicate? Well, 9 out of 10 people prefer to use messaging to interact with businesses, over voice call. So, with voice calls down, and WhatsApp, text and online chat on the rise - have you thought about an omnichannel customer service contact center approach for your business? 

Customer demands are changing… and they want more

Thanks to the modern technology of today, customers are able to communicate with anyone, from any device, and within seconds. So, why should their interactions with businesses be any different? If your business is failing to keep up with your customers demands for quicker and easier communication, perhaps it's time to consider an omnichannel customer service contact center. 

Many businesses and their teams are struggling to meet ever growing customer expectations, without the tools that get the job done. As telecommunication experts, we understand that without a streamlined communication system in place, outstanding customer service is impossible. Essentially, omnichannel customer service allows you to match and exceed your customers expectations.

You can't afford bad customer service

The average customer can be kept waiting for 5, 10, or even 30 minutes when trying to contact a business for support, which can annoy even the most patient of us. This leads to unhappy customers looking elsewhere and choosing a business that has a better communication system in place, most likely an omnichannel customer service contact center.

It's time to empower your team

Great customer service starts with the right software. Nowadays, it’s all about empowering your teams with the right tools. Payment collection, outbound sales, customer service, support desks, even a handful of staff can work more efficiently with the right tools to answer enquiries faster, save time, and enhance customer interactions.  

Set your employees up for success and help them create the customer experiences people are longing for, by embracing an omnichannel customer service contact center.

What if my business does not have a "contact centre"?

When you say “contact center” most of us will think rows of desks, screens, and dozens of agents plugged in with their headsets. However, in practice any business making and receiving calls or messages, across different teams, is in effect a “contact center.”

Our solution: The modern day contact center saves the day

The Contact Center Hub from NFON is a smart cloud option for all things customer service, and is great for businesses of all sizes. 

The advanced contact center puts you on the winning side:

  • Know your customers inside out - with full communication history at your fingertips
  • True omnichannel cloud experience - phone, email, chat, SMS, video, WhatsApp 
  • Performance tracking and reporting - simply adjust for better service in real-time
  • User-friendly interfaces - make customer interactions feel like a breeze
  • Seamless integration - use your other tools just the way you like
  • Cost-efficient cloud solution - scale up as your business grows

The Contact Center Hub is simple to set up and bespoke to your business. This is how you deliver fast and impactful omnichannel customer service – any time, any day.

Without a doubt, an omnichannel customer service communication system is the answer to improving your customers' experiences. As an independent service provider, we work with leading vendors, to offer the “best fit“ for each customer.

To find out more, or arrange a demonstration of the NFON Contact Center Hub, contact Andy at   or give him a call on the following numbers Tel direct line: 02476 620 250 | Mobile: 07956 806 945

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